“There is a difference between passive reception and active perceiving.”–Rudolph Arnheim

During a recent gathering of corporate talent recruiters, a panel of young people spoke up and an overwhelming message was: “We want to be heard.”

Amid all of the organizational angst over how to engage and retain talent, visuals are one of the more simple tools. Bring people together in a room, ask their ideas, and show them they’re being heard by having a visual journalist write on the walls. And really listen — managers might get some ideas.

We’re in the middle of a “knowing-doing gap” when it comes to the new workforce. We know that many in Generation Y ( aka Gen “Why?”) were raised to work in teams, speak up, and question authority. They also are comfortable with multi-tasking, social networking, creative pursuits. They are often motivated by more than security and a good paycheck.

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