Organizational pains? Visual Rx:

* Information overload? Shape information so it’s easy on the eye.

* People hoarding knowledge? Visualize their ideas “on the same page”.

* Global communication barriers? Leverage international symbols.

* People resisting change? Visuals depersonalize ideas and enable new thinking patterns.

* Disengaged workforce? Listen to and visualize their ideas.

Visual Stories

Engelbart helped us “see” information on a computer screen during the first demonstration of networked computers sharing words on a screen in 1968. But how do we “see” each other’s ideas before they are fully formed enough to be captured in words? Visuals provide a language for ambiguity and emergent knowledge. In working with Engelbart for five years, we still have many unanswered questions — but know that visual representation of information plays a key role in raising and measuring “collective IQ”.

Visual Rx Subpages

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