We’re in the Conceptual Age* — where the advantage goes to those who connect the dots the fastest.  Traditional methods of communication are failing.   The writing IS on the wall. We need to deeply understand and leverage the powerful tool of visual communication.

With live, real-time visual communication throughout a process the group has a way of getting past conceptual blocks, makes new connections, and has an immediate deliverable to facilitate next action steps.

For organizational change, team building, new product development or other events with rare face to face time, you can bring in a seasoned graphic recorder or visual journalist to capture “the big picture” — or try it yourself.

To start, all you have to do is put a big piece of paper in the room and think of it as a shared workspace. The paper should be large enough to capture everyone’s ideas and show connections.

Hint: Think of yourself collecting “buckets” of information. You don’t have to try to be an artist — you already are. Think of yourself as talking with your hands–and leaving a mark.

See How Organizations Can Leverage Visuals

* A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

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