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Remember the old phrase, “can’t you see the writing on the wall?”

“Writing on the Walls” is a fun term for the serious business of helping people see the big picture — including our own blind spots. It’s using visuals to quickly insights, relationships, and knowledge.  We create murals 4-feet-tall by 8 to 28-feet-wide to help people see the “big picture” when they are together in a room.  Now we are migrating these murals on to the Web, to help busy, info-overloaded people get a quick snapshot of complex ideas.

Meeting Flow ( rather than agenda)

This site — by Eileen Clegg and Christine Valenza — is devoted to research and conversation about the disciplines of graphic facilitation, graphic recording, visual journalism, and other methologies using mural-size paper in a room to help the group see the “big picture”. Link here for more background and upcoming Viz Think conference.

Sometimes when people are talking and thinking together, they are focused on one part of the communication and missing the main point. Large scale graphics reveal more than the sum of the individual ideas to the collective aha’s.

It’s on-the-fly, a bit messy, colorful, artistic and expressive — Instead of “talking about” innovation…it’s a way to do it.

It’s used by Fortune 500 companies, innovative educational foundations, think tanks, conferences, and many successful organizations that understand the value of visuals for facilitating change and innovation.

There is a long and surprising history behind Writing on the Walls going back of course to ancient cave paintings and more recently the 1970s when a few renegade consultants decided that people were losing interest in the old fashioned “I-talk-you-listen” paradigm for meetings.

We are excited about experiments under way to use visuals to relax and put our minds together on the Web too.

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