Visual Stories“Writing on the Walls” is our term for the practice of using mural-size paper in a room to help the group see the “big picture” of their ideas, in images and pictures. This site is designed to help organizational leaders as well as visual practitioners think more systematically about the power of visual communication.Please sign in. Let’s all share our research, methodology, conversation, insights and history behind the amazing phoenomenon we call “writing on the walls.”
–Christine Valenza and Eileen Clegg

What’s new 12/5/07: Talent, Community, Visual Thinking

At this year’s Future of Talent Conference, we repurposed the 120-year History of Corporate and Executive Education map to capture past and forecast future trends in the workforce.

The big trend of today: “it’s all about ‘you’” — the future? Creating a new sense of workplace community to overcome the other side of extreme individualism: alienation, lack of context, disconnection. Conference participants were recruiters and talent leaders from Fortune 100 companies, unversities, and nonprofit organizations. A white paper “Future of Talent: Insights from Asilomar” will be available early 2008.

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