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How and why do visuals work to help groups think better? Christine drew this image of the “5 Rs” that help people work together more strategically and creatively. Link to our podcast about using large paper displays of information in the meeting room Visuals help Relationships among people, they create a Resonance between thought and [...]

Holiday Mural

Writing on the Walls workshop student Julie Stuart’s visual journalism career has taken off in less than a year. You can track her progress because she applied her skill to a visual snapshot of her and husband Bryan’s 2007 . Congratulations, Julie! (full mural) Sphere: Related Content

A beautiful example of a visual metaphor that does more than represent information: it helps inform new thinking about what it represents. This is a mind map of the organization of a library by librarian Sue McGuinness of Unversity of California, San Diego. Sphere: Related Content


“Writing on the Walls” is our term for the practice of using mural-size paper in a room to help the group see the “big picture” of their ideas, in images and pictures. This site is designed to help organizational leaders as well as visual practitioners think more systematically about the power of visual communication.Please sign [...]


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